I have a great affinity for technic. Once understood that gamma curves are related to functions from math class in high school, I was totally happy. Finally a practical use for something which I though  a waste of time to study. I pleases me up until to this day. Optics, Light refraction, electric tension – all components which determine an image from the technical point. Yet the psychological and anthropologic historical sides like the hero’s journey, visual perception, blind spot, how the visual sight developed also interests me. I like to share the knowledge and verve for these topics.

My profile at Sony Professional Europe Since 2011 I am part of the Sony Professional Europe ICE program (Independent Certified Experts) to work as freelance camera trainer. I like to emphasize the term “independent”.

Since 2015 I work occasionally at YouTube Space Berlin as Production Specialist. I support Youtube projects to achieve a more film-style look.

At DEKRA Hochschule Berlin I teach anually since 2015 the course data management to a Postporduction class. In this course I attempt a production from cameraside what is necessary to put in regard for the complete production workflow to be set with the postproduction.

Since 2011 I work as freelance camera trainer for to train on visual composition, photography and video on behalf of Christian Laxander with clients like Sony Consumer Electronics for Photostores like Foto Meyer, Digitalsstore Vienna and more.