About me

Luana Knipfer’s projects take her around the globe – on top of the highest mountains of Kirgizstan, in the Nepalese bamboo forests, to the townships of Johannesburg in South Africa. She has a passion for artistic documentary films. In addition to documentary filming of people she works in natural history and wildlife cinematography.

Alongside to her studies, she gained professional experience and assisted several camerapersons. She studied Film, Photography and Art History at the University of Art and Applied Science in Offenbach/Main. She finished university with her thesis on “The landscapes of the films by Werner Herzog” and her final film “The Sailing Wolf”.  Luana Knipfer born 1983 in Frankfurt/Main has been based in Berlin since 2008.

Filming Experience
Germany, UK, France, Italy, Poland, Brasil, Canada, Kirgistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, India, Indonesia, Australia, South Afrika, Swaziland, Kenya


German Mother tounge
English Fluent
Portuguese Fluent
Spanish Good basics
French Good basics
Hands and Feet Perfect


Special Skills
Very experienced horseback rider

AG DOK – Arbeitsgemeinschaft Dokumentarfilm
EWA – European Women’s Audiovisual Network

Nature, Animals, Travel, Cultures, Languages, Adventure, Astronomy, Art, Film, Photography (analogue/digital), Technic, Sport, Horseback Riding