The Forgotten Panda

Everybody knows the Big Panda with its remarkable black and white patterned fur.
Very few knows its smaller relative, the Red Panda.
Everybody is captured by the cuteness and beauty. In some regions of Nepal, they call him Ponja, Bamboo Eater. The name panda derives from this term. The Pandas are a biological family of their own.
The film by Axel Gebauer is the first intimate portrait about these animals. A young mother and her infant draw the audience attention into a beautiful and colourful world of flora and fauna between Nepal, Buhtan and Sikkim.

TitleThe Forgotten PandaLength45GenreNatural HistoryFormatHDYear2018ClientAxel Gebauer for NDR, ArteFunctionAdditional CameraScript(Deutsch) Axel Gebauer