Nele in the Clouds

One time touching the clouds – that is Nele biggest dream.
The balcony on 6th floor is close but not close enough. How much closer would it be riding a balloon. Would it rain squeezing the clouds? Will her dream come true to lift up? overcome the obstacles is no walk in the park hence Anke, Nele’s mother lives physically affected. Anke cannot climb into the balloon basked and she cannot drive a car. Nele and Anke live alone together. Anke sometimes get spasmodic seizures. Her muscles cramp and Nele needs to help quickly. She gets Anke’s medicine and make sure for her to intake it.

Nele spends a lot of time out of consideration towards her mother. They need to ask for help if they plan on going on a field trip. Someone needs to drive them. Lots of people are involved organising Nele’s daily live. She is a lively and outgoing person. So far she is fine. But sometime she dreams of some exciting experiences with her mother to create memories. A balloon ride is long awaited dream for them.

TitleNele in the CloudsLength25GenreDocumentaryFormat4KYear2022ClientPangolin Doxx for KIKAFunctionDoPScriptBernadette Hauke