The Most Dangerous Train Routes – TaZaRa

The most dangerous train route of the world are stunning, beautiful, fascinating and lead though extreme landscapes. The touch the sky and for some they directly lead into hell. Some tracks are set in extreme heights, cross oceans and savannas and stand up to twisters.
Arte introduces five spectacular train route around the globe.

The first episode sets in Tansania and Sambia. The TaZaRa (Tanzanian Sambia Railroad) finds its way though vital valley, touches the Selous Game Reserve to finally land in Kapirimposhi. Aerial images and travel pictures draw the audience into these fascinating landscapes.

TitleDie gefährlichsten Zugstrecken Length5 x 44''/52''Genre(Deutsch) DokumentarfilmFormat4KYear2020 ClientMedea Film - arte FunctionDoPScriptMarita Neher